Matthew Ahrens

Vice President
Matthew Ahrens | Forensic Services | Charles River Associates

Matthew Ahrens is a vice president in CRA’s Forensic Services Practice.

Matt is an experienced cyber security professional with security expertise including data breach forensics, incident response, cloud security, expert reports, security operations, security program development, penetration testing, secure code review, and building companies from the ground up. He is a technical leader whose expertise primarily is focused on the forensic, software development, and cloud workspaces.

Matt has responded to cyber security incidents and data breaches for the over 13 years and has wide breadth of experience related to security incidents.  Matt has presented at NetDilligence, Advisen, and Claims and Litigation Management Alliance meetings.  A few examples of Matt’s past experience includes:

  • PCI forensics for data breaches,
  • Cloud investigations,
  • Business email compromises,
  • Ransomware investigations for SMB and enterprise class businesses, and
  • Nation-state investigations.

In addition to the response work Matt’s performed, he has also managed and delivered proactive cyber security work including:

  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments,
  • Security program reviews,
  • Cloud security assessments, and
  • Securing software development.

Matt’s broad experience and technical skills allow him to adjust to any scenario and provide thoughtful feedback on how to develop custom responses in any situation.